The Local Church

By O.C. Markham

What other kind is there?

What other kind can build a house of worship?

What other kind can support a pastor?

What other kind can send missionaries?

What other kind can minister to the sick and dying, the poor and needy, the lost and the saved?

What other kind can maintain "The assembling of ourselves together on the first day of the week"?

Really, do you know of any other kind?

Hasn't every one that has received you into its fellowship been local?

Hasn't every one that has ever called you as pastor been local?

Won't even the church assembled in glory be at a definite location - local?

Honestly, now, what other kind of a church is there, but a local one?


(O.C. Markham {1900-1976} was a Southern Baptist pastor and educator.

He served as president of Mid-Continent Baptist Bible College in Mayfield, Kentucky from 1957 until 1976.)


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"One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism." Ephesians 4:5

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