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 April 2018 Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The Lord has been good to us in that we have been able to meet some more of the folks in our new community, some of whom had been members of the church, but left for one reason or another.  I invited them anyway and wished God’s blessing to them and their families.  The present families are willing to introduce us to these people and it helps me to “break the ice,” so to say.  We are thankful for visitors from time to time and pray for God to save the lost and add to the work according to His will.
We also are trying to get established with new doctors and get some of our medical records sent here, which are needed at times.  Next week we will take delivery of a new storage building, because of the excess of “important stuff” we just cannot get rid of; you all know what I am speaking of.  I have been doing a lot of tree trimming and burning of branches and U-haul boxes, some of which have endured three moves and their strength had just wilted!  
This month also saw us in Dothan, AL. We went in three vehicles: a van, a motor home with a U-Haul trailer, and the Toyota pick-up with a 7x14 covered trailer. Of all the rolling tires there was only one blow-out, but our brother was able to safely stop and get it taken care of.  The remainder of our things fit in these, so we will not have to make any more moving trips, the good Lord willing.  While there, we were able to visit family and attend the Wednesday night service with Grace Missionary Baptist Church of Dothan, and then stop for a fellowship meeting on the way back home with Berea Baptist Church in Mantachie, MS.  Brothers Doyal Thomas and Matthew Stepp were the guest speakers, and we enjoyed the preaching and the sweet fellowship.  Saturday afternoon we drove home and then prepared for Sunday services for which God gave us grace and liberty to study and preach.
Today I was unrolling the hose and was surprised to meet up with a striking snake, and was he mad! I went for a shovel, but when I got back he had vanished. However… he is still around and I do not like snakes at all!  Oh well, they have told me about the biting gnats, plus all the other summer pests, the variety of poison snakes, the mice in the house, plus once again I am in poison oak, ivy, and sumac country and have gotten my first round of steroids tabs for this outbreak.  Not complaining, but just getting used to living in the southern countryside.  God is so good to all of us, though, and we have much to be thankful for.
Thanks so much for your prayers, the letters and notes, and also the monthly support which helps us so much.  A few new churches have voted to begin support, for which we are thankful, including Faith Missionary Baptist Church where I pastor, as the Lord supplies.
God bless you all as you serve the Lord of lords and the King of kings.  If you can remember, please put Bro. Eddie Bowen on your prayer lists.  He is very ill and the docs have not been able to find out why he has such weakness in his legs and arms.  Also, Bro. Al Malo is in need of our prayers for his kidneys plus multiple others problems.
Your brother in Christ,
Ted and Sylvia Tweet 

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