West Jefferson Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Roger D. Reed

90 East Main Street

West Jefferson, Ohio 43162-1206

Telephone: (419)589-2398



April 2018 Report

April 6, 2018

Dear Church:
We greet you in the name of the all wise God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  Our prayers are that you are well and the Lord is Blessing beyond measure!
I have talked to the Architect and after explaining everything to him about the Bank he has made some suggestions.  He said unfortunately, he is finding that the Banks are not as accommodating as they used to be.  He said the best thing to do since we have the money to do the shell is to move forward with that.  He said you never want to change the footprint of the drawing.  He has run into this situation before and said he would use the same drawings but instead of showing the whole building complete he would only show the sanctuary complete, and then at a later date we can use the first set of drawings to complete the entire building on the inside.  I have talked with the other men in the church and they agreed with what he has suggested.  The Architect needed about four weeks to do what needed to be done.  About two more weeks and I should be getting those new drawings.
Brother Chuck was able to present the work to Unity, Dessie, and Steer Run Baptist Churches in WV while he was in the area to make preparations to move his mother to his home here in Ohio.  There were a few men there that recommended we take the drawings to Keim Lumber Company in Charm, Ohio.  The Architect was familiar with them and said they were very good people.  They are only about an hour from me.  They are supposed to be very reasonable and they will do it all instead of us running around trying to find different Contractors.  So when I get the new drawings I will take them down to them for a quote.  Also, there is a family owned Lumber Company in Wooster (Curry Lumber & Pole Building Company) they are only a half hour from me and they specialize in Pole Buildings.  I will take a set of drawings to them as well.
I will be going to Beauty Mountain Baptist Church to preach a five day revival for them on April 11-15.  I have never been there before, but have known some of the preachers they have had in the past, and I am looking forward in meeting the folks there.  We hope the Lord may open the door for them to consider the Mission work, Lord willing.
I have finished my book, praise the Lord!  Sister Sylvia Tweet is doing the second and final proofing for me.  Brother Matthew Stepp did the first proofing and wrote the Forward.  There are others helping me to finish and publish the book and the Mission is considering paying half of the publishing fee and I will pay the other half.  For five hundred copies the estimated cost is between six to eight hundred dollars.  Please pray that I can get this finalized.  I am hoping to have it in my hands by May.
Love in Christ Jesus,

Roger D. Reed