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April 2018


April 4, 2018
Dear Supporting Churches for Bro. Gordon Downs,
              We pray our letter finds you all in fervent service to the cause of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  This letter is being sent by Bro. Down’s sending church to update everyone on his current health status.
              As many of you may already know, Bro. Downs recently had a stroke.  In addition, he has had multiple hospitalizations for various reasons.  His health continues to decline in numerous ways and he needs 24 hour care at this point.  Thus, he is unable to come home to access additional medical care in the States.
              In lieu of his health status, the New Testament Baptist Church is informing his supporting churches and friends of his inability to consistently teach and assist in the work he has been sent to Thailand to do.  We will continue as a Church to deposit and forward any financial support sent to this beloved brother.  We are unsure if Bro. Downs and Sister Nancy will ever be able to return to the work they were doing there in Chang Mai.  We know Bro. Downs has been a faithful servant for many years and his desire is to serve God in any way possible until his home going.  Therefore, please continue to pray for this dear Brother and Sister in Christ as they struggle through this difficult time.
              If you have any specific questions we will be happy to answer them based on the knowledge we have at this time.  The best way to reach me is through my email at
doverpastor@gmail.com.  I can also be reached on instant messenger on Facebook or at my home (931) 232-5909.  If there is no answer at my home number please leave a message and I’ll return the call as quickly as possible. 
                                                                                                     In Christ,
                                                                                                     Bro. Larry Lafferty and the Members of the New Testament Baptist Church


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