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Home Missionary Baptist Church
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April 2018 Report

“And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.” (Zechariah 14:10). Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ. 

It is a blessing to be able to report that the Lord has given grace and strength to continue in His work this month. We are thankful for the privilege that is ours to bear witness to the glory and perfections of Christ, especially as they are revealed in the Gospel.
The Lord has also enabled the distribution of Gospel bulletins in many of the suburbs of Geraldton, along with numerous opportunities to speak with people along the way, for which we are always thankful. May He grant us grace to reach every household here with the glad tidings, and His name be magnified and glorified therein!
Thank you for your continued love, prayers, encouragement, and support for the Lord’s work in Australia and Papua New Guinea.
Love in Christ,
Frank James

News from the Homefront

Birds – Frank and I love to watch animals and birds and learn object lessons from them. On one of our walks near the ocean, we saw a seagull with a fish that was halfway in its mouth and halfway out. It then began strutting around the beach making it known to the other seagulls that it was successful in catching a fish. It made me think of how mankind struts about as if their every accomplishment is of their own doing, instead of thanking the Lord that He enabled it to happen. As I grow older, I look back on my life and so many times thought that I accomplished something on my own, only to realize more fully that it was only by God’s grace and mercy that I have done anything. To Him be all honor and glory!
A Friend in Christ,

Cyd James


This mission is an integral and inseparable arm of Home Missionary Baptist Church, Mt. Morris, MI.

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