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March 2018 Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We bring greetings from our new place of service, the “big” town of Lynn, Arkansas.  The population is somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred and eighty souls.  I have not counted the different assemblies as of yet, but have noticed a few.  We woke up to a snow storm a few days ago!  Everything was in bloom, but some blossoms did not make it through the cold spell.  The birds have made themselves at home around the house and porches.  What a mess!  I love to hear them sing, though.
I am so thankful to our Lord for this new assignment, and it is so good to be a pastor again and have a congregation that seems to be paying attention and they tell me that they are enjoying the services.  I have been their active pastor for two weeks now and what a joy it has been!  Thank you so very much for your concern, prayers, support, and letters.  I know that my time out seemed that it would never end, but our sovereign God holds the timetable for everyone He loves.  I felt bad about it, but it was out of my reach to change anything.  Thanks so much from my heart for your prayers and encouragement.
The concern for lost souls is upon my heart here and in the surrounding areas and we need some personalized literature to hand out, so the church voted to have some printed.  Once again, as in all the places we have been, we will reach out with the Gospel, trying to meet the folks in the area and inviting them to attend our services.  We went to a funeral service for a man who used to live next door to the church and met a lot of people from Lynn who were good friends of the church members.  Some have attended the services from time to time.  Also, Sylvia and I ate breakfast at the local cafe and were so happy to find that the cooks were two Hispanic women who were thrilled to speak to us in Spanish.  It looks like that a door of witness to them and their families is open.  One of them gave us her name and phone number and asked us to call and meet her husband.  Pray with us about this avenue of witness as well.  The work of the Lord never stops for the Christian, so we must always be praying for opportunities to witness and share the good news!  We were happy to have five visitors on Sunday morning a week ago.  There were fourteen and I thank the Lord for each one of them.
Our move is not over yet.  I have about three loads yet at Sylvia’s brother’s place near Dothan, Alabama.  We plan to make a trip on Monday and a couple of the brethren and their wives will make the trip with us and we will use two trailers and a van to bring a load back.  I want to say that we have had some offers to help us move and I am sure thankful for their kindness.  This move has really been the most confusing one that we have ever made.   Others have sent money to help and we say, “Thanks so much to each one who has helped in every way!”  I am still trying to build back the strength in my left shoulder with home therapy instructions plus all of the work to get unloaded and work around the parsonage.  Once again, thanks so much for everything.  Remember that Jesus said, “I come quickly!”  Are we all looking and waiting for that glorious day?
Your brother in Christ all because of His grace,
Ted and Sylvia Tweet

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