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July 2017 Report

Dear Brethren,

Sylvia and I send greetings to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we trust that all of you are rejoicing in the blessings of our Lord.  He has been so good to all of us, providing our needs as well as the extra blessings too!

We have had some real hot and blistering days, but the Lord sent us four inches of rain yesterday, which we really needed.  For this farming community, this is a blessing for all the crops, including the hay fields as well.  This is our second summer here and the Lord has been good to us with the temperature, as well as the rains He has sent.  The fact is that this area often goes through drought during the summer; time will tell if we can still see some of those “dog days” of the Midwest.

During the middle of July, we enjoyed a weekend Bible Conference.  All of the messages from the three pastors were wonderful and had a continuity which complimented an unwritten theme.  The Lord truly blessed in the selection of each of the messages and the Christian fellowship.  This mission work in Holden has been having these meetings for some years now, so we had expected some visitors from the area who had attended before, but none of them came this time.  We are very thankful for the members who were here from our sponsoring church, Grace Missionary BC of Tulsa, OK, and a young man from Independence, MO who has visited us before; also Sylvia’s brother and wife, Harold and Debby Richter, came from Marshfield, MO.

I continue to go out and meet new people and contact some of our past visitors, looking to the Lord of the harvest to save in His time.  Some people are becoming more approachable as they know my face now and will talk for a spell.  This is encouraging to say the least!  Meeting someone in a cold call is different from being introduced by a friend or relative, which just breaks the proverbial “ice”.  The Lord can turn this all around in a flash and we could start seeing interest from surrounding areas.

I was told from the very beginning by Bro. Gormley, now in glory, for me to tell the truth about the difficulties of the work as well as the blessings, so the churches know what kind of prayers we needed, and well, it is still the same today.  Thanks so much for your prayers and the support for us.  We are thankful!  God bless you all in your labors in the coming month.
Your brother in Christ,

Ted and Sylvia Tweet


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