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February 20, 2018

“Trusting in the Lord and stepping out by faith”

From the desk of Ted Tweet:

I want to thank every one of you for your prayers and concern for my wife and me for the past months.  Thanks so, so much for the encouragement from many of you in our time of transition between churches and also the major surgery on my shoulder and recovery time!

This past Sunday I preached at Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Murray, KY and the Lord truly blessed us in the services and fellowship there with His people.  Then yesterday on our way back home, I received a phone call from Brother Darrell Geurin in Lynn, AR to tell me that the Faith Missionary Baptist Church has voted to extend the call for me to be their pastor.  I have been praying about this invitation and contact for months now and preached there in Lynn last weekend.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship with the brothers and sisters there and sincerely believe it is of the leadership of the Lord to accept their call.  We have discussed many doctrinal subjects and are very close to the same convictions.  A great weight has been lifted from this preacher’s mind and heart and soon we will have a new place we can call home again.

The closing date on the sale of our house in Missouri has now been set by the buyer for March 22, so it is all work ahead until we get moved and settled in Arkansas.  I covet your continued prayers for us, as I still cannot lift much more than five or ten pounds with my left arm.

Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Lynn, AR has been recommended to me, and me to them, by several friends and preachers.  The fact that I have worked as a missionary for many years may be one of the reasons.  Some have asked me about the size of the assembly and there are seven members besides us. They do not have the funds to fully support a pastor at this time, but do have a parsonage and can provide the utilities.  I am once again trusting in the Lord and the supporting churches to help us out until the church will be able to help us more.  If anyone would like to ask anything else, please feel to me call me.

Thanks again for all you have done for us through the years.  Your prayers, cards, letters, and phone calls are a great encouragement for the both of us.  May God continue to bless each of you in your labors of love for the  Master.

Your brother in Christ,

Ted &Sylvia Tweet


January 2018 Report

To my Dear Holy Brethren,
I want to send greetings, once again from Pleasant Hill, MO.  I am sorry for being tardy this month with this report to you.  This has been a busy past month and it seems that the time just flies by.  It is hard to understand, but, some parts of my life seem to go by so slowly, but others so fast.  The healing of my shoulder seems to go slowly with all of the daily PT sessions, but the closing of the house sale and the moving date is fast approaching.  We trust in the Lord as to how all of the future things that need to be done will have a conclusion.  My arm continues to get more flexibility and range of motion.  Now comes the strengthening of the shoulder, which seems to be coming along so slowly.
This past month has brought sadness to the Asberry family and friends in the homegoing of our dear pastor friend, Brother Jerry.  None of us are prepared for the death of our loved ones.  I have very many kind memories and great times of fellowship with my brother.  We will miss him; pray for his dear wife and family.
Another dear missionary friend of mine who has departed last week and is now with our Lord is Brother Curtis Pugh.  Oh, how I have enjoyed his writings over the years!  His faithfulness will be rewarded, and he will be missed down here.  Sylvia and I were able to be with both of these families in their grief, and we thank the Lord for that.
We traveled to Lynn, Arkansas and I preached for Faith Missionary Baptist Church this last Sunday, February 11 in view of a call to pastor there.  This is a sweet assembly who wants and needs a pastor.  We had a good time with them and are praying for God’s leadership in their decision, as well as mine.  I need to know for sure His leading above all else.  Two more invitations have been extended and I will let you know more about them at a later date.
Thanks so much for your prayers and support.  We thank the Lord for the opportunities to witness and give out tracts from time to time during the month.  For one example, we talked to a salesman who had been raised in a Baptist church who was super off of the truth.  When presented truth from God’s Word, he rejected it.  What are folks being taught in the churches today, even Baptist?  To them, the Bible is not inspired of GOD, they twist the scripture to what they want it to say.  Thanks so much for your prayers and support.
By His grace and mercy,
Bro. Ted Tweet




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