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November 2017 Report

Greetings to my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Sylvia and I send greetings to each of you this new month of November.  It has been a beautiful fall with the changes in the colors of the leaves.  When they fall on the ground and cover it with the reds and the yellows, it is a sight to behold.  Living so many years in Honduras, it was rare to see a tree to lose it leaves, but certain varieties did so, like the cashew and mahogany trees; maybe a few others, but these are the ones I remember.
This month we were on our way to the Thanksgiving Conference in Paducah, KY and received a phone call from the doctor’s office telling me that they were overbooked in the surgery room for this week, so they moved my date of the operation to December 12 instead.  We have also been praying for a buyer for our home, which would permit me time to recuperate and have therapy for a month or so!  It has happened, and we have an acceptable contract signed and sealed, ‘we hope and pray,’ and a closing at the end of March!  They are our age and want to downsize a bit and seem very serious about their move to our home.  I will take another load down to Alabama this week where we will eventually be waiting for the leadership of the Lord for our next place of service.  We are told very clearly to wait upon the Lord; it is hard, but possible with His strength.
The Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Paducah, KY sponsored a wonderful conference again with good preaching, spiritual and uplifting for the soul.  Just what I needed, to say the least.  Brother Draper and the church did a real good job and fed us well.  We thank them so much.  I was very sad that Bro. Jerry Asberry and family were not able to attend because of Bro. Jerry being hospitalized in Little Rock, AR.  We were able to visit with him on Friday after the conference and hope that we were a blessing to him.  Pray for him, for he has quite a road ahead for full recovery.  His church I am sure misses him very much, and folks we are praying for you too.
Thank you all so much for your kindness to us, your prayers, cards and special love gifts.  All is greatly appreciated.
Your brother in Christ, all because of His grace,
Ted and Sylvia Tweet


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