West Jefferson Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Roger D. Reed

90 East Main Street

West Jefferson, Ohio 43162-1206

Telephone: (419)589-2398



September 2017 Report

Dear Church:
We pray that our Sovereign God is blessing you richly and that you all are walking with our Lord and Saviour daily to receive the fullness of His blessings.
We are very excited about the building, and how the Lord has blessed us with the right men to help us with everything we need.  Three of us met with Don Saxon yesterday and received the full drawings which I am including in this Mission Report.  He is sending the drawings to the lumber yard and we should have a material coast list by next week.
Don also got us in contact with an Amish contractor, Albert Shrock, which we also were able to stop and see and show him the drawings. He is very interested in doing the job for us and had no problem with getting the shell up and letting us do as much work as we possibly can do ourselves.  And we got a bonus with him; he owns his own steel sheeting company, which will help with the cost of the siding.  He also will be contacting us with the cost.  The Lord is blessing us with this project and our hopes are that we will be in this building by or before this time next year.
We are also excited because we had the pleasure of going to Grace Landmark Baptist Church in Buckhannon, WV to present the Mission work to them on the 17th of September.  We were honored to meet more of God’s wonderful elect people.  Then we received word that the following Sunday, September 24th they voted unanimously to start supporting the Mission here in West Jeff, Praise the Lord!!
Along with the good news we have some not so good news.  Brother Marvin Green lost his youngest son last week due to a massive heart attack; he would have been 50 years old September 24th!   Brother Marvin also has another infection and it is in his good leg, we are hoping the Lord will bless so he doesn’t have to lose that leg as well.
We ask that you please pray for Sister Melissa Davis, for her and her two oldest girls who are eleven and nine.  Maddi the oldest has a terrible and painful condition called Eczema Dyshidrotic also called: Pompholyx.  Here hands are full of blisters and she is unable to use them, and it is very painful.  Her next oldest, Reece, is having problems with school and depression and other things and we’ll just leave it as an unspoken prayer request.
Others have lost loved ones here at the Mission and have some that are not doing very well and may not survive much longer, the Lord only knows these things.  But we do request prayer for them and others of God’s people.
Most of all, we ask prayers for God’s elect that He would bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and add them to the church through the waters of Baptism, “such as should be saved” (Acts 2:47).
The Financial Report is as follows, God Bless!
Love in Christ Jesus,

Roger D. Reed