Faith Baptist Church

46722 State Rt. 121 South

Murray, KY 42071

Mark Clark Jr., Pastor

764 Westbrook Road

Hickory, Ky 42051




May/June 2017 Report



Dear Sister Churches,


We have had quite a few busy weeks in our household and in our church. Four Sundays in a row we were in an emergency room or hospital for three different children. But we are so thankful for the men and women whom God has raised up among us to handle so many things at our church and in our home. Saints have cared for children and even washed our vehicles at times! We are also thankful that Cod in his providence has moved my parents within 2 hours of us at this time. He always knows what he is doing. We are immersed in wonderful people who have helped in so many ways.


Shiloh was the first in the hospital this time around and was eventually diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia. We monitor her sugar regularly and were given a care letter whereby we are able to bypass hospital protocol and get her treated immediately when needed. She does very well now that we measure her sugar, but when she gets a common cold it may become more serious quickly.


Tyler (our oldest son) suffered two compression fractures on his arm while rollerblading. He did not require surgery and should be able to remove his splint cast soon.

Two weeks ago, Benjamin (our 10yr old middle son) began having seizure like symptoms with amnesia. We were transferred to a children's hospital which gave us very few answers and did not perform many tests. As the episodes continued at home, the doctor that I work for witnessed one and sent us to another hospital. We were then transferred to Louisville to Norton Children's hospital. They performed a number of tests, some of which we do not have results for yet. Several extended tests showed a slowed brain signal which can indicate epilepsy or an infection. They are treating him with epilepsy medicine until the other results are available. Last night was the first night that Benjamin did not have an episode in over a week. We are praying that the medicine will work even more as it builds in his system.

At church, we have been blessed with so many willing hearts and hands at this time. Our members have cleaved to us, refusing to let us utter a need without trying to fill it in some way. We have many capable men who are able with little notice to fill the pulpit, and God places his spirit upon them mightily. Our building fund which was started in February has grown exponentially, and our current struggle is finding contractors who are not too busy. My greatest need is wisdom to guide, and that Cod would hedge about our time from these physical distractions to the work.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and texts these last few weeks.


Mark Clark JR

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