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January 2018 Report

Greetings from Western Australia in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

We trust that this report finds everyone doing well and enjoying the blessings of grace.

As is our usual practice, we have been able to order a printing of Gospel bulletins and expect to begin visiting the various neighborhoods in Geraldton in the coming weeks and months as the Lord wills. I
try to keep my small motor scooter well maintained as it makes this work much more efficient, and so far it is holding up well.

We continue to pray for grace as I sow the message of glad tidings and for the Word of God to go forth in this community. Also, we are thankful to have had a good placement of our announcements in the two local community newspapers, knowing that through the propagation of the Gospel, the Lord is glorified and that His word never returns void.

Brother Norman Malu has returned to Port Moresby and reports that the trip to the Highlands went well. The Lord blessed in the revival services, as well as in the special service for the examination and ordination of Brother Pale.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, encouragement, and support for the Lord’s work in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Love in Christ,

Frank James

News From The Homefront

Senior Cards – There are good and bad things about senior cards. I qualify for one at a clothing store in the USA, and it feels great to hand it to the cashier and get my discount. However, here in Australia you have to be 60-years-old to get your senior card. I have a few years to go to qualify. Frank uses his at every opportunity and doesn’t care if he looks 60 or 70. I can’t quite embrace senior-hood the same way. The other day Frank used his, and the cashier who looked to be 16-years-old, glanced at me and hesitated. Somehow, we had an unspoken moment, and we both knew he wasn’t sure if he should ask if I have one too. In the end, he didn’t ask for mine and I thought that someone had taught him well. Yet when the new pamphlet comes in the mail telling about the senior discounts, I know Frank will say, “Just think in two years, you can get all of these discounts too.

A friend in Christ,

Cyd James


This mission is an integral and inseparable arm of Home Missionary Baptist Church, Mt. Morris, MI.

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