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June 2016 Report


Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Lord,

There has been a whirlwind of activity in Mayfield and on the home-front since our last newsletter! Literally,the Lord revealed just a small portion of His power in the form of a tornado which caused a lot of destruction in this area of Kentucky. I didn't realize a tornado had dropped from the sky until I opened the door at work and saw it heading our way! YES ...I did snap a couple pictures (one which I put on our picture page) before taking shelter. Praise the Lord, no lives where taken and no damage whatsoever at the mission building!

The Lord has blessed again and after weeks of labor to clean, paint and fix up in preparation for our first services in our new building location, we are now meeting there! The building had not been left in the best of shape by former tenants, so there was much to do! It is such a nice little building and has met all our needs to worship or Great God! The Lord blessed with the use of the Wingfield Inn Hotel Conference Room we met in and everyone there was nice to us. However, it is great having a more settled place to meet and has been working out very well. We provided a picture page to share with you all so that you may see the work and rejoice with us.

Each member took part in some way to pain, clean,scrub,put together each chair, shop for supplies and Sunday School furnishings and even yard work! What a blessing ! We held our first service in the new building location on May 29th. Between members and visitors, we had 20 in attendance and even had a hot dog roast after services! Our cup runneth over! May God be glorified with the work in Mayfield.

A special note of thanks to Twelve Ryan Baptist Church, Warren, Michigan, where Br. Ed Bowen is pastor for donating hymnals to the work here. They have been a blessing along with singing praises with our piano! We would like to mention a note of thanks to our sponsoring church, Northside Baptist Church, Elkton, KY, where Br. Irving Cummins is pastor, for the offering to purchase the majority of our seating! Another blessing was from a sign company who made two signs for our building which are 8 feet by 4 feet and fully weather proof. These signs,which should have cost several hundred dollars, were completely donated to us! Thanks be to God for all His provisions.

As many of you know, Brenda's father passed on to glory and recently her mother ended up in the hospital with complications from a mass infection. Brenda traveled up to be a help to her Mom for a couple weeks. Her Mom has recovered well and just needs to strengthen her immune system. We thank the Lord for this news.

I went up to get Brenda from Michigan after her stay and we traveled to West Milton Baptist Church, West Milton, OH, where Bro. Chris Horn is pastor. I had the privilege to preach in their yearly conference. We enjoyed the sermons and sweet fellowship with all the dear members of West Milton and the wonderful family time as well with Chris, Crystal and their precious children!

We close by thanking you all for your prayers and help in God's work here in Mayfield, Kentucky!

Much Love in the Lord,

Bro. Darryl

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